{ springtime travels }

A fun trip to visit little Lizzie (and her parents) made us want to move to warmer country. We had so much fun with this little...wow, really?...toddler.

Where did the months go? She just gets cuter and cuter. She's even adorable when she cries.

Even though her mom has to get up at 5:30 in the morning to go to school, she always does Lizzie's hair so she'll look darling. These piggie tails are my favorite.

We went to some model homes and Lizzie loved the rocks and pebbles in the landscaping.

All smiles!

Lizzie's teaching Grandpa how to play on his iPad. "It's not just for reading books, Grandpa."

Out to dinner and coloring on the kids' menu.

New grass in the backyard! She loves it.

Suzie coerced Grandpa into fixing the tiles on their roof. He was willing because he loves heights. Really. 

It was warm up there - and the view was lovely.

Sorry we had to say goodbye. But we'll be back soon!
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