- wedding overview -

These photos of Mike and Sierra's wedding day are in no special order and aren't the professionals - but I wanted to get them on the blog before Christmas. It was wonderful, beautiful, and really very fun! The colors and decorations were lovely and so wintery - perfect with the snow falling outside the windows of the old barn at Wadley Farms where we had both the wedding dinner and reception. (Sierra confessed that she had prayed for snow, and sure enough we woke up to a real snowstorm that morning.) The people were lovely all dressed in every shade of blue and green with gray and gold accents. Sierra was adorable in her vintagey lace wedding dress. We had a lovely dinner surrounded by special family and friends, and as we watched the big flakes of snow coming down we felt warm and cozy with a fire in the fireplace and twinkly lights above us. For the reception, we had hot chocolate and amazing sweets. Mike and his band played and everyone danced. The photos below are not in order at all and that drives me crazy, but I gotta go shopping!


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