meet the candidates

Tom Jensen

Herm Olsen

It's election time and we have two friends running for Logan City Council.....so..... Scott and I invited our neighbors to a little "meet our two favorite candidates" night here last night. The turnout was similar to the general voter turnout in an election like this...low. But, our candidates, being the professionals they are, turned it into an hour of personal discussion and deeper exploration of the issues. It was very interesting; they know so much and care so passionately. I admire anyone willing to volunteer their time to community service and public office.

It's a Winner Delicious Punch
I made a refreshing punch and ordered Pumpkin Cake from the bakery. The punch is made with the yummy Hawaii's Own frozen juice concentrate - Raspberry Guava flavor. That's my favorite flavor. It just tastes light and cold and fresh.

Mix one can of juice with one can of water in punch bowl or pitcher. Add lots of ice. Add one bottle Sprite or 7 Up. I use the cheapest store brand lemon-lime soda. Ginger Ale is good too. Slice some oranges and add some fresh mint leaves and raspberries for punch-bowl garnish.