I'm crazy about this...

I'm excited about the new design of our Cut the Crazy Out of Christmas blog here. The header was designed and installed by Kathy at The Modern Polka Dot graphic design. You can see her blog here with lots of samples of her work, including our Christmas logo on Wed. Oct. 20. She also designed our sidebar titles which are so cute with the little bird or snowflake on each one.

I'd like to thank Suzie for having the smarts and taking the time to install the sidebar titles. I looked at some instructions on how to do it and that HTML stuff is too much like math for me. So I called Suzie and she had it done the next day. I'm sure my other helpers Aimee or Becky could have done it too! Smart girls...I love them. Suzie and Becky have also posted on the blog for the past two posts - just reading their ideas will give you some Christmas spirit! And a little push to do something to prepare for Christmas.

Over at Big Picture Classes, we're having a lot of fun putting together our planners and working on lists, lists, lists. Those girls will be happy campers come mid December!