HaLLowEen TrEatS

The doorbell rang and there on our front porch were the cutest trick or treaters ever!!

Having my own grandkids standing on my doorstep took me back to many years of Halloween nights when we took our kids to my parents' house to surprise them at their front door. Happily. we live in the same town - a mile apart - so it was an easy surprise to pull off.

Having Aaron and Aimee and kids was extra special for us because they live a couple of hours away and we haven't enjoyed them on Halloween for a long time.

Carter is the cutest little Spiderman. He loves his costume - he's been wearing it night and day for a couple of weeks now - even the mask.

We decided to go trick or treating around our neighborhood - it had rained earlier, but the rain had stopped and the temperature was pleasant. Carter skipped from house to house.

It was fun to see our neighbors

Mike was on his way to a murder-mystery party - he was assigned to come dressed as a lawyer. He's actually wearing the clothes Scott wore when we were dating. (Though he didn't wear the plaid pants and plaid vest together - he wants me to be sure everyone knows.) I thought those pants were so sharp. It was the 70's you have to understand.


Aimee said...

It was fun to be in town again for Halloween! Thanks for coming trick-or-treating with us!!!

Mystique said...

Aww these pictures are great!! But I love your son's picture the most. That outfit was awesome! Haha what a cutie. Looks like a keeper ;)

Debbie, I absolutely love your blog! I had been busy these past few months and hadn't been able to check it out, but I'm glad life is less hectic now and I was able to come check it again.

Not that I needed to justify myself, but I just thought I'd show my appreciation for your wonderful posts, recipes and for sharing your life and lovely pics of you and your family with us :).

Thank you!!