It's surreal to be writing this, but in a few hours we'll be on a plane to London - and then on to a small town in Wales to attend a famous golf tournament - the Ryder Cup. We are going as "fans" of one of the Ryder Cup team members - Rickie Fowler. This came about because Scott's brother-in-law, Mark Jensen, has followed Rickie's career for the past few years. Mark is friends with and plays with Rickie's grandfather (who taught Rickie to golf). When Rickie was selected for the team, the grandparents invited Patty and Mark to go to the Ryder Cup - and suggested they bring another couple too. Since Scott will do anything to travel, he said YES immediately. And so, with barely a week's notice, we have packed our bags and we're about to take off.

My brother Doug tried to put it in perspective for me by telling me that he'd rather go to the Ryder Cup than any other sports event...including the Super Bowl. Wow.