climbing in the Tetons

All summer Becky, Pitt, Scott and Mike have wanted to go to the Tetons and climb the Grand. They finally found a weekend that they could all make it, and they headed to Jackson for the big climb.

Day 1. Pitt (the experienced climber and leader of the trip) is trying to decide what to do. Unfortunately the vertical sections of the Grand were icy - with snow on top, so they were advised to not climb that mountain.

They decided to hike to Amphitheater Lake while they waited for the weather to change.

Becky was so excited about the climb. She has spent the whole summer getting ready.

Deer and quail on or near the trail.

And a huge black bear, only 30 feet away.

Playing at the lake.

Looking up at the mountains to be conquered.

Oh, yes, and someone had to stay home and tend little Emmett. That was my job. I loved it.

After a day on the trail they camped and decided to climb the mountain next to the Grand - Teewinot - because no snow and ice on top.

Teewinot Mountain is the sixth highest peak in the Teton Range, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.[1] The name of the mountain is derived from the Shoshone Native American word meaning "many pinnacles".[2] The peak is northeast of the Grand Teton and the two are separated from one another by the Teton Glacier and Mount Owen. Teewinot Mountain rises more than 5,500 feet (1,675 m) above Jenny Lake.
Day 2. The trail to the top of Teewinot.

Sunrise in the valley.

A fellow climber took their photo at the top.

Becky and Mike - yea they made it!

Pitt at the peak.

Scott celebrates!
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