music and biKes in Park City

Val, Merilee, Scott and I spent a wonderful evening at the Deer Valley Diana Krall concert.

It was the Utah Symphony outdoors series. We were so excited to hear singing Diana Krall. Somewhere in this crowd is also Doug and Kimberly. Doug has been a fan for years. 

Our seats had to be low, but we were glad we weren't in the blanket area. We had a picnic dinner too!

That's Diana Krall at the piano. She played and sang from the piano bench the whole concert.

And then it got dark - but it was warm and the music filled the night and it was magical!

The next morning we went for a bike ride.

Park City has lots of paths that are perfect for old people on cruiser bikes. 

Just to prove she isn't old, Merilee did tricks.

Not to be outdone, Val did a few of his own.

The scenery changed from Park City neighborhoods to a stream flowing through golden fields with the mountains in the distance.