Eye CaNdy

This is a lovely book, and I also drop in on Jane's blog once in a while. Her blog photography is beautiful and she has great suggestions for books that I don't see anywhere else, She also knits, cooks and travels on her blog. What I like most about her is that she makes quilts that are mostly just squares. She loves vibrant colors and gorgeous fabrics, and she combines them beautifully into square-block quilts. Her pink and green quilt below, and also here on her Yarnstorm Press blog, is sweet eye candy to me because I love and have always loved a pink and green combination. And I love the way she photographed it with a hollyhock in front. I'm not sure if it's OK to grab and post a photo of her quilt, but here it is...be sure to look at her blog and buy one of her books to thank her lol! Isn't it just perfect for summer?!


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