hexie quilt heaven

I love Susan Branch and her blog and her website and her books and and her style and her writing. This Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt is an antique quilt she collected and posted on her blog in September of 2011...the link is here. I just stumbled onto the blog post and was scrolling through her beautiful photos of quilts in her bedroom, living room, and even hanging from the clothesline in her yard. When I saw this quilt, I kind of melted.

I've made a few hexie flowers and looked at a lot of patterns for flower garden quilts. I like having ongoing handwork to work on (yes, like the cross stitch sampler I've had in my bottom drawer since 1996, lol). But I've never really been motivated to start a hand-stitched quilt project until now. It's no surprise that I love the quilt - it is blue and white and pretty as can be. The charm of the quilt is in the faded fabrics, the hand quilting, the washed crinkliness, and the old-fashioned flower prints. Wouldn't it be fun to meet the woman who made it and say thanks.