~ birthday surprise quilt ~

It was a Sunday afternoon, and our family was all together - every one of us! This only happens twice a year, so it was a special weekend. We had given some birthday gifts to Scott whose birthday had been the week before. I wasn't even thinking of my birthday because it happened while we were in Italy, and our "gondola" celebration was wonderful and enough.

Someone handed me a box and said it was a surprise gift. I opened it and about fainted as I saw a beautiful handmade quilt top. I was shocked and moved to tears.

Suzie and Becky had planned this gift for my (I can't write the number) birthday. They spent a lot of time and thought making it. They'd had everyone in the family create a personalized block by writing and drawing on white squares with fabric pens. They are so cute and thoughtfully made just for me. 

Becky cleverly sewed the blocks together alternating them with fabric blocks, then bordered the blocks with strips of coordinating fabric.

This just happens to be a line of fabric that I LOVE and have loved since it came out. It's called Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. The colors and designs are darling, and, of course, the navy blue is what makes me love it!

Look at these blocks! We all know how hard it is to get people to make something like this. Thanks to Aimee for getting all four of her kids and herself to make their blocks. Notice the appliqued hands that are tracings of little Elizabeth and little Claire. So cute.

Thanks Suzie and Becky for your hard work gathering these creations. Thanks kids, kids-in-law, and grandkids for coloring such cute pictures and saying such nice things.
Now, as if it weren't enough to make the darling quilt with hand-drawn blocks, Becky and Suz went the extra mile and made a wonderful quilt for the quilt "back" too! I think Suzie cut and Becky sewed. (?)

Look at that piecing. That's a LOT of work and time. I love it so much. I appreciate it more than I can express. I can't believe it's my quilt. We'll ask our dear neighbor Carol to quilt it, and it will truly become an heirloom. 
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