April showers bring..

...a MAY wedding for Jess and Gordo!

Gordo and my son Mike have been best friends since they were about five years old. Gordo spent many hours at our house and always brought a happy laugh and friendly greeting with him. "Hi Raymonds!" he'd say as he walked through the kitchen - often stopping for a handful of Oreos from the corner snack cupboard. Hard to believe he's all grown up and getting married. I'm thrilled about his darling bride - Jessie is a wonderful girl and perfect for Gordo.

We had a shower for Jess yesterday and took these photos when Gordo showed up at the end. Janet Parker helped me and brought the cutest punch dispenser - shaped like a beehive which was perfect because Gordo's dad keeps bees. Janet made the most delicious punch - using the Hawaii's Own brand of juice concentrate - the Guava Strawberry flavor - mixed with Sprite and lots of ice. So refreshing. Gordo's mom Karen made yummy bruschetta appetizers and I made my favorite almond cookies - plus brownies from the bakery. And fresh strawberries.

The best little detail about the soon-to-be newlyweds is that Jessie's last name is Woods and Gordo's last name is Wood. So she'll be Jessie Woods Wood.

The photo below with all the girls is her mom and three sisters. And all the girls' names start with J. I'd list them but I think I forgot one! The photo with the two girls is Gordo's mom - my friend Karen and his cute (quilter) sister Abby.