Christmas 2010

Out of hundreds of Christmas photos from several cameras, how can I pick just a few to show on my blog? I ended up choosing close ups of my kids and grandkids - because Christmas brought us together with good times and good memories.

Suzie's in-laws have a neat gingerbread house tradition. They get together each year in mid December and make gingerbread houses in quantity (25 this year). Because they have so much practice, they are very good at it. Their tradition is to give the gingerbread houses away - they don't keep them for themselves. This year, Suzie decided that since she was coming home for Christmas, she'd like to give her house to her brother Mike. After much goofing off, I finally got a good shot of them and Suzie's darling gingerbread house. More photos on Suzie's blog here.

Brookelyn hugs Aunt Becky and thanks her for her Christmas gift - a couple of books for Brookie to read.

Bailee and Suzie after Bailee's performance with the little singing group she's in. The whole family went to Salt Lake City to hear her perform.

Carter loved everything about Christmas this year. He's the cutest age - too young to understand Christmas really, but old enough to get a kick out of everything. He is so loving and melts his Grammy's heart.

One of my favorite things is watching a little one year old learn to walk. It was so fun to see Emmett walk more and more each day over the past week - today he was walking all over the house. When he gets that little grin on his face, I could just eat him up.